“Kindly help – is it normal for a man to keep posting a specific lady on his profile photo and Whatsapp status almost daily and claim she is just a friend? When asked, he says I’m being petty and am overthinking. My instincts tell me I’m being played.”

This is a valid concern…. I would wish to know if he posts your photos on his status and if he has ‘displayed’ you like he does with your competitor. Men hardly post photos of girls they have no feelings for. He is already making a statement to you… that there are others in the equation and not just you. You can choose to fight for your position or just surrender it to your competitor if it is necessary. That said, as a girl, use your instincts and smell the coffee. I feel that you are being played in broad daylight and that you do not feature so prominently in his life. You have actually been replaced by the so called friend even without being told so. Pick up the broken pieces and find love elsewhere (you can head to PendoLetu.com). All the best!

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